How to Wire Flowers for Corsages

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Need homecoming flowers? Learn how to use floral wire and tape to make wearable floral designs, including corsages, boutonnieres or hair garlands in this free instructional video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Amelia Tallman, and I am here today talking about how to build wearable flowers, such as corsages, boutonnières, and we are on to now hair garlands. And we talked before, initially, about selecting a flower for a hair garland; and talked about how a flat low-lying flowers are really best for that; and about approximately how long to cut the stem, which we said about 2-3 inches. Wiring a flat flower is a little different than wiring a rose. These kind of stems tend to be really stiff; and when you try and wrap around it will break often times. So you can do this method; some people don’t like it, because it creates a minor flaw in the face of the flower. It’s to stab from underneath the flower, bring it up into the center of the flower, and just fold this over; you can pinch it with the pliers to create a pretty small little pinch. And you want it to be as straight as possible, because you are going to pull this back through, and it will bust a flower a little bit if these two wires are pretty parallel. So what you do is push this back down through the flower, and the wire is caught in there pretty good. Now at this point this, you don’t twist this, because again it will cause the stem to snap. Once you get a get it pulled down, you just wrap the stem and the wire together. And really, your only other option, with the way to wire this, is just to put the wire up against the stem and wrap floral tape around it. Which will work; it’s not quite as secure as anchoring it through the flower head itself, though. So that is how to wire a daisy type flower, which we are going to use in the next step to build a garland.


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