Sexing & Breeding the Russian Tortoise

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Learn about the sexing and the breeding of the Russian Tortoise in this free video on pet reptiles.

Part of the Video Series: All About Reptiles: Russian Tortioses
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Video Transcript

We're not going to talk about learning whether or not your tortoise is a boy or a girl. Now these guys are breathable in captivity and they are people breeding them. They do no have very many eggs. They only have from 2-5 eggs. We are going to show you how to sex them. This guy here is a boy and he has a very very long tail; his tail is very long. What we're going to do next is we're going to show you a girl. This is a bigger girl. You can see her tail is very very short she has a very short tiny tail, so the girls have little short tiny tails and the boys have a much longer tail. The boys are very pronounced like a nail on the end of their tail, you can see that. Now these guys get a long pretty good you should only probably house only one male and you can get about 1 or 2 females. If you just have makes or if you have a mix group that tends to work out okay, you probably don't want to keep giant ones with real small ones cause sometimes they will fight. In order to give these breed properly in captivity, you have to hibernate them and that is a real difficult thing. So if you are just talking about pet tortoise, you should at least have them as pets and not try to breed them.


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