Heating a Reptile Terrarium

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Watch as a seasoned professional demonstrates how to heat a reptile terrarium in this free online video about reptile care.

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Video Transcript

A lot of pets require supplemental heating and lighting and I'm going to show you a few different types of heating and lighting and how we regulate it. In this tank here I actually got breeding pair of pythons which are suppose to be hibernating; we are mimicking their winter season. So I only supplemented them with one light during the day; they don't get any heat at night. But what I'm using is the metal dome here. This dome holds up to 150 watts. And you want to make sure when you pick up your lighting at the store that you pick a dome that holds the correct wattage for your bulbs. Otherwise you are running a fire risk. Also I would use one of these for the night light also, which I would usually use on the reptiles an inferred heat bulb. The reptiles can't see the red, it doesn't disturb night patterns and it's excellent for nightly heating. Notice that this light is also completely on this side of the cage and that is because they need to be able to thermo regulate. The animal needs to be into the heat to warm up and move back out of the heat to cool back down. I provided thermometers here in the back so that I can regulate what the temperatures are inside. It's real important that I regulate these guys temperatures because I'm trying to breed but I kept the temperature right here on the back. Right now it's about 80 degrees. This is the warm hours of the afternoon for them. I keep these here always so I can make sure that I know what the temperatures are and when so I can make sure I buy the correct wattage bulb and what not.3433934339


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