How to Sex a Bearded Dragon

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Check under your bearded dragon's tail to see if it is male or female. Learn how to take care of a bearded dragon and reptiles in this free video tutorial on exotic pets.

Part of the Video Series: Keeping a Bearded Dragon
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Video Transcript

Now this is a male and the way you can tell, the best way to tell with a Bearded Dragon, is to turn it up facing towards you, lift the tail straight up, and take a peek back here. Right above the vent area you will see two little bulges on either side of the tail base. These are hemi penises. He has two and they're definitely characterized by the little bulges right around this area. A little hard to see from my position here but it's there. Also this is the vent or his cloaca opening as you can call it. This is also a little bit wider in males than it is in females. Females also have more of an indented look right here caused by the absence of hemi penises. A hemi penis is basically, it's what they call a penis that is kept inside of the body and only comes out when it's breeding season or it's time to use it.


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