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Watch as a horse expert explains what you need to know about horse training in this free online video about buying a horse.

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Video Transcript

in this clip today we're going to talk about training your horse. The most important thing when training a horse is to make sure you're trained. You have to know the proper way to mount the horse, the proper way to steer the horse and ride, and just sitting on the horse. You have to be comfortable with the horse and be confident in yourself and your ability to train the horse before you should even think about it because the horses can sense things like that as soon as you get on. When training young horses and stuff, you usually go pretty slow and really easy on their mouth. You don't jerk them around or beat them or be too hard on them at first. Just kind of form a bond with the horse. They seem to be a lot easier to train. You can reward the horse with a treat. Some people wouldn't advise that because it tends to make them bite every now and then. It's a good reward and it shows them that they're doing the right thing. You can also just do it with love and care. Pet your horse, talk to them in a sweet a voice, and let him know that he's doing a great job. Form a bond with your horse and they're always easier to train. If you're going to get your horse to a show ring or in rodeo event and you're not really sure for what you're supposed to do to train the horse, you need to seek some professional help there and maybe call somebody. Don't get in over your head when trying to train a horse because sometimes you can mess them up more than you can help him. If you need some training tips, seek a professional, but if you're basically just training one just to ride him, it's not hard. Just be gentle and start slow and form a good bond with your horse and maybe these training tips will help you in training your new horse.


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