Bearded Dragon Night & Day Light Bulbs

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When lighting a bearded dragon cage you can choose between night bulbs and day bulbs. Learn about the difference between night and day bulbs with expert reptile tips in this free pet care video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Care for Bearded Dragons
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Video Transcript

The next thing we're going to talk a little bit about is the bulbs for your reptile enclosure. Now there's a bevy of different types of reptile bulbs. So many in fact that it could become quite confusing. There are red bulbs. There are blue bulbs. There are regular looking bulbs that look just like the bulbs you would use in your home lamps. Now the differences between these are subtle, but important. First and foremost, there's what's called night bulbs and day bulbs. A day bulb is going to be just like any old bulb that you would use in a house fixture. It's not, but it looks like it. It's going to put off a yellow to white light, but heat your aquarium as well. Those are bulbs that you use during the day to heat your reptile. Night bulbs are going to be bulbs that are red, or blue, or sometimes black. These are bulbs that are not visible to the reptile. Use them to heat rate your animal at night, so as not to bother him from sleeping or you as well, if it's being kept in your bedroom at home. Also, there's other different types of bulbs as far as spot bulbs and there are display bulbs. The difference being, spot bulbs are generally going to be more cone- shaped and they're going to put a tight beam of light down into your aquarium. Now what that's for, is we're creating one hot basking spot. But it's not going to heat any other area of your tank. So that versus the display bulb, which is going to be like your regular type of bulb, and will heat in a wide radius of area, but not as high as say a tight beam spot bulb will. All this information you'll have to use, to decide which type of bulb is properly used in your aquarium, for your reptile in your home. Every home is different and being heated differently. So it's good to have all these options in front of you.


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