Using a Python Hose to Drain Water Out of a Fish Tank

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Watch as a seasoned professional demonstrates how to use a python hose to drain water out of a fish tank in this free online video about exotic pet care.

Part of the Video Series: Fish & Tank Care
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Video Transcript

I'm teaching you proper care of fish today and a little bit about the different types of fish. The way to use the python that I demonstrate in the first part is draining the water out of the tank. To drain the water out of the tank using your python, you're going to make sure that this will not get twisted and pulled down. To send water back out through the hose, I'm going to grab onto the python thing and the faucet head, push up and twist. This sends water back out to the python which fills the tank. Make sure you put a towel over your sink head, too, so that you don't get water everywhere and keep a close contact on because if you don't, sometimes the towel falls off and you can flood your kitchen floor before you know it like we had happened in the first segment that we cut out because it took a little time to clean up the water mess out of my kitchen floor and the living room. Unfortunately, yes it happens to us pros as well as the beginner people. Now that we have the water flowing through the pipeline hose, I will allow this to do this a little bit, because if you have a lot of plants in your tank or if you picked up a lot of rock debris out of the tank, you want the hose to clear out before you stick it into the fish tank. We're going to go into the living room and demonstrate on how to fill a fish tank up and the proper chemicals that you will add to the tank in doing this.


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