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Watch as a seasoned professional discusses the care of Gold Dust Molly fish in this free online video about exotic pets.

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Video Transcript

I'm teaching you proper care of fish today and a little bit about the different types of fish. And now we're going to talk about the gold dust mollies that I have in the tank. Gold dust mollies, which are the ones that are the yellow with the half-black, start out when they're babies as a solid black fish and as they get older, the black disappears and they start going to gold, which you can see the ones that are starting to turn more gold. Gold dust mollies are a live-bearer fish which means they give birth to live babies. They can give birth anywhere between one to fifty babies at a time. Sometimes the females don't make it once they get to the twentieth to the thirtieth baby because if you're like me, they're just plain worn out by that time. They like to eat any of the tropical flake food. They're also schooling fish so you need to have at least six of them, one male to every four female to keep the little fella happy. If you don't, then he harasses the female to death. If you do one female to five males, then the poor female gets the raw end of the deal on that one. Pretty fish, nice fish to have, really don't hurt anybody, you can mix them with other schooling fish as well in the tank. The solid black one that you see in the back is what they look like starting out as babies which is the one up on the top. The solid gold one under that one is sort of the finished product of a full color-changed gold dust molly.


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