How to Look Ready & Alert with Body Language

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Learn how to appear ready and alert in body language and how to read body language in this free video on body language communication skills.

Part of the Video Series: How to Read Body Language
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Video Transcript

DR. MICHELLE COHEN: Another body movement is what I call "readiness body language," and this is really important to notice especially if you are in business, if you're a sales person and you're working with customers, you need to understand that someone is ready to buy. They're getting more excited, and they're indicating that to you with a readiness type of body language. It's really important in business. It can also mean sometimes that someone wants to leave or is getting up and getting ready to go. So, in this particular clip, we're showing you actors Mark, David, and Natalie. David and Natalie do need to get going, so they are indicating the subtle body behaviors of readiness to Mark. As David and Natalie are showing you right now, they need to get going for their evening, and Mark is standing there trying to still get their attention and keep them but both of their body actions are indicating that they're pointing where they need to go, towards the door. This may be as subtle as a foot pointing towards the door or as obvious as the whole body leaning out. The eyes also are flashing over the intended direction. They want to get out of there. The body is tensed up and ready for action to leave. As sitting, the hands may hold on to armrest and readiness to get up. The legs are tensed, ready to lift the body. Things on the hands are gripped; as you can see, Natalie has grabbed her purse. This is really indicating to the other person that they want to go somewhere that they are ready. That's called readiness, and again it can be used in business. You can see someone is getting excited about an action that they want to take and go forward. So, right now, as you can see, they've decided to get up and go forward and they've grabbed everything and they're in the intended direction of the door.


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