How to Appear Relaxed with Body Language

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Learn how to appear relaxed with body language and how to read body language in this free video on body language communication skills.

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Video Transcript

DR. MICHELLE COHEN: So, we were just talking about relaxed body behaviors and I was mentioning some of the facial gestures you can do. But now, focusing completely on the face, if you really want to look relaxed in an interview or a social situation of any kind, as I mentioned, it's great to keep kind of looking at the person. Not glaring at them, but keep your eyes open. Don't squint. Remember, anything that shows tension is the opposite of relaxation. So, you don't want to clench your teeth. You may want to nod your head slightly. It's always great to keep some kind of a smile and if it's a real genuine smile, that would help as well, because a fake smile indicates discomfort or nervousness. So, a slight relaxed smile. Also, if you don't have bangs over your head, your forehead may also indicate that you're nervous, so relax your forehead and relax your face, smile, tilt your head gently. Do slow down your speech sometimes, to where it sounds normal, of course. And a really good trick to helping yourself relax, and this is just especially going to show up in the face, is to breathe. This is one of the easiest tools you can do very quickly before going in to an interview or a social situation. And what I always have my clients do is take time, sit down, breathe in through the nose all the way up, hold it for a few seconds, and then breathe out through the nose or through the mouth, rather, very slowly, all the way out. Do this about three times, in and out very slowly. This will kind of relax the body and the face. And then, it will prepare you go into a social situation appearing more relaxed.


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