How to Pack a Carry-On Bag

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Get tips on packing carry-on bags, including what items are best to carry with you onto an airplane and how to deal with airline restrictions regarding carry-on bag sizes and liquids, in this free educational video guide on packing for vacation and travel.

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Video Transcript

This time in this segment we are going to talk about packing a carry-on case. Right from the get-go what you need to know are the sizes and dimensions of carry-on luggage, especially if you are going on an airplane. Of course if you are going bus, automobile, cruise ship you don't have to worry about it, but a carry-on is a carry-on in a plane and there are requirements and specifications as to weight and size. Once you get that established you are good to go. Now, what to put in a carry-on? First and foremost what you are going to need; travel documents, passport. Is that required for where you are going? You need to know that ahead of time. Tickets, those things need to go. What I always do is when I am packing my carry-on bag I always have my tickets and my paperwork that I will need easily accessible, perhaps on an outside pouch. Next thing we are going to need, always have a pen handy so you don't have to rely on anybody else's. Next, it doesn't have to be this big, but I always like to have some writing paper around because sure as beans you always need it again, in the outside pocket. Nice and flat and easily accessible. Then something else that you would like to have with you at all times even in the case of lost luggage have with you any medications that you would have to have. Got a prescription for something? Keep it with you. Eye drops? Keep it with you. And then any other kind of meds just like for a headache or something. And then always girls, got to have your tide stick in case you are a sloppy sipper. All of these things can go in its only little bag inside. And of course if you are on a plane they always have some kind of ready material or videos and neat things to watch, but I always find getting hooked on a good book is always something good even just to sit and read at the airport. Put that in, a little reading material. Now, another controversial subject of course is liquids. Are they allowed on planes nowadays? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I would suggest contacting your airline that you are traveling on and ask What is the current stipulation with respect to liquids being taken on an airplane? Then believe it or not, don?t laughs, I always take some crackers or cookies, just little munchies that I can have in case I want a nibble. And I don't always like peanuts either, so I take my own little crackers or cookies and stick them in there. That should be just about it. I have got my carry-on ready to go. Watch out for the next segment. We are going to wrap it all up and we will be ready to travel.


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