Ideas for Using a Shadowbox Frame

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Learn ideas for using a shadowbox picture frame with expert home décor tips in this free online professional framing video clip.

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Video Transcript

The other shadowbox I've done many many shadowboxes in my time. One of the ones I had great fun doing was the 1950 police issue in memory of an officer that had fallen. They brought me his 1950 billy club and his handcuffs, his whole uniform pieces that he was issued in 1950. He was caught for several different entities throughout his profession but we started at the beginning when we was a rookie and we used, in case his memory of. This box was like 40 X 30 and it was about 6" deep we had his revolver in there, we had his shirt that issued back then and there, we had his billy club. So some of them I had to sew down, some of them I had to glue down, some of them you had to get some special like for instance the pistol it's what they call steady stay. It mounts onto the matte and it holds onto pieces to where it would hold it and wouldn't want to glue a gun down. You wouldn't find a glue that would hold it first of all but they have these little clips that hold things they have clips for knife, forks, spoons and things like that. Clips for coins to hold the coin in place you wouldn't want to add any glue or anything to a coin especially if it was a collectors item because it would damage it, it would age it faster then what it already is aging. Just remember that the things go into this box all have to relate to each other whether it's everything that belonged to grandma or everything that belonged to the police officer or everything that belonged to the military guy. It has to be in general thought of the thought you want to keep it in there and you wouldn't want to throw the necklace that grandma gave to the granddaughter in this because that is not part of the thought, this is about grandma. This is just about grandma and that is how to ensure that you are going to have a proper shadowbox in the end that is going to give you a happy life.


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