How to Use Thin Picture Frame Molds

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Learn how to use thin picture frame molds with expert home décor tips in this free online framing video clip.

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Video Transcript

These are some of the thinnest frames that you are probably going to find on any frame shop wall. They should not really be used for anything over a 16x20. Do to the fact when you put them together back here it is held together on one v nail cause you can not get 2 in there because there is not enough wood to get it in there. Some of them are even smaller then others. If you look at this one with this scoop here where it is scooping out your v-nails have to come in so far to not be able to go through the outside of this scoop area where it is protruding out. So it is thinner wood here then what it is here. I went to put over one matte at the most 2. You have to think about how that is put together when you put your glass or your plexi or whatever in your matte and your picture. It starts to get pretty thick so when you think about that and you look here you have things protruding out the back edge. Therefore it is not going to look good on the wall especially at a traffic area cause they are going to see the stuff hanging out the outside of that edge. This is just one picture on a cardboard and as I put it on there it almost took up the whole well of the picture. The rabbit part of the picture. So you really don't have anything to nail it to. If I had a piece of glass it would a little bit more or if I had a matte it would start to stick out the back. If that is a in a traffic area that is going to be seen as you walk down the wall. That is not a attractive look to almost anybodies home. I try not to go there because of that fact. So these are probably more like simple simple pieces of art that don't have a lot of detail to them. That don't have a lot of thickness to them. They are great pieces to use but I do recommend that you stay under a 16x20 with those.


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