How To Setup A Traditional Tattoo Machine

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Learn tips and advice on how to setup a traditional style tattoo machine with expert tips from a tattoo artist in this free skin art video clip.

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Video Transcript

The next thing I would like to discuss is setting up the tattoo machine in order so that you can begin to tattoo. First I am going to show you the traditional style machine and how that is set up. This is called a V machine and this comes from World Wide Tattoo. It is reasonably inexpensive. This would be a good entry level machine for somebody that is looking to first get started and see if tattooing is for them. From this side, what we have these two items are called coils. The reason I am mentioning this is because you made need to order additional parts once you get a new machine. These are called coils. This top section here, this front piece is called the binding post. This section here is called rear binding post. The small item here is the capacitor. This unscrews on the side of the front binding post and that is for the spring tension. That is called a tension screw and that is how you are going to adjust the speed of the machine and whether it is running right. It is tuning your machine basically and this item right here is a tension screw for the set screw. It is pretty simple; a pretty simple machine. The next thing I would like to discuss in regards to this setting up is putting the needle in and the tube over top of that. The next thing we are going to talk about is the types of needles that we are going to use. These are needles that are pretty standard in the industry. They are for the traditional styled machine that we just discussed and they come in various patterns of needles if you would. There are some that are flat shaders, there are round liners, round shader's, things like this. Generally speaking you are going to want to go with two different types of needles. You are going to want one as a liner and one as a shader and they should always come pre-packaged like this. Okay, unopened. They've been auto claved so they are sterile. So make sure when you do tattoo, that you open in front of someone.


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