How to Apply Stain to Wood


Use a quick and even motion to apply wood stain. Learn the right way to coat your wood project with wood stain in this free woodworking and wood project series from an expert carpenter.

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Video Transcript

In this clip we're going to look at the technique of staining wood. You're going to start with a piece of material, such as this. Now what I'm using is just a piece of unbleached muslin, and what you want to do is gather it into a loose ball. Like that. And the you're going to dunk it into your can of stain, which you've mixed very thoroughly. Because you do have to be careful the sediment doesn't go to the bottom, the pigment. And then just using a circular motion, overlapping circles, you just work your way across the wood. You want to work pretty quickly because you don't want the, the stain to soak in unevenly. And whenever you need to, you just recharge your, your ball of cloth. Make sure your cloth does not have any wax or any solvents in it, when you start working. Now once you've, once you've done your overlapping circles, you want to make sure you work the stain into the material so it's nice and even. You can let it sit for a few minutes and soak in. But, you want to make sure there's no puddling on the surface. So, you take the clean part of your loose ball of material and just give it a good rubbing, to make sure you've taken off any, any puddling. And that's your, basically your first coat of stain on a piece of Birch plywood.


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