Check for Toilet Leaks for Home Water Conservation Tips

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Learn how to check the toilet for leaks to learn how to conserve water in the home, in this free video series.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I'm Cathi Pare with the City of Santa Barbara Water Resource Department. We are speaking about the number one undetected leak and one of the biggest water wasters in your house; that would be the toilet. There are two types of toilet leaks. There is one that ghost flush which we've all heard. Sounds like somebody flushed the toilet but you are the only one home. That one actually is a leak from the flapper and that's at the bottom of your tank. Right now we are looking at what is called a silent leak. It is actually the fact that the water level is too high and it comes over the top of this overflow tube. I don't know if you can see me splashing here but in the evening the water will run down the tube and it will run all night long. On an average, its about a 100 to 150 gallons per day of water that is wasted down your Seward. This is one type of a tank. It's the old Ballcock tank. You want to release the water, at least a little bit of it so that the valve goes down and if you are using a screwdriver, a screw and you take your screwdriver tighten this down by one or 2/10's and we will see where that water stops. On this line it says water level; it should be between ¾ of an inch and an inch. Obviously this toilet is not cranked down enough and is going over the over flow. It's a bit of an experimental sort of a deal. You have to figure out how many turns it takes before the water level is stopped. There you go!


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