Tips for Cutting Iris Blades in Transplanting

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Learn about cutting the blades of your Japanese Iris in this free video clip about gardening.

Part of the Video Series: How to Transplant Perennial Irises
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Video Transcript

Okay, I think the plant has had enough soaking so I'm going to take the hoes away. The next thing I'm going to do so that I can really see where the area of the plant is, the size. The reason why I'm doing this so that when I go to actually dig up the plant, I can see the circumference of the plant. I'm going to take my handy little herb scissors that I have here and I'm going to trim back these blades of grass. This is here again, helps send more energy to the root system and allows it to not to transplant shock. If I was not going to trim this back, when I disturbed the roots, the plant would probably wilt over and kind of go in what we call a transplant shock. In order to reduce that, we're going to cut all these blades back as far down. You're going to leave maybe 4 inches or so of that blade remaining. You can see that's a good 12-16 inches tall here. So we're going to cut all that away and trim it back. We're also going to pull out any old debris, any grass or dead grass, which there's not too much on this plant because we keep our plants pretty well groomed here. We're just going to take off the rest of that. Now, by doing that, I can see all the way around my plant and I can see where I need to work my spade when I go to actually dig it up and move it.


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