Various Bird Feeders for Backyard Birding

Learn about various bird feeders to use for your backyard to begin backyard birding in this free bird watching video

Part of the Video Series: Birdwatching for Beginners

Video Transcript

Hello, welcome to Expert Village. My name is Wayne Petersen, director of the Massachusetts Audubon Society Important Bird Areas Program and we’re here this afternoon at the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshville, Massachusetts. Next we’re going to talk about backyard birding, a place where everybody has an opportunity to get involved and where many peoples interest in birding first begins. Needless to say there are many types of bird feeders and there are many types of bird seed or other foods that bird will eat and the way we dispense these depend a little bit upon the situation and also the kind of food. Here beside me are a couple of basic feeder types; this is one that is essentially a loose sight tool that has very tiny holes in it and this one is good for dispensing small seeds like niger thistle, these little black seeds that look a lot like the chocolate Jimmy’s that you put on ice cream. Goldfinches, house finches, pine siskins are all bird species that like thistle seed and are happy to take it out of a feeder that dispenses it in this way. Thistle seed can also be dispensed in a tightly knit mesh bag that’s filled with the seed, tied at the top and hung and again, the small finches are perfectly able-bly holding onto the mesh and taking the seeds through the tiny holes in the bag. On the other side over here we have actually a suet feeder, beef suet is something that is very popular with birds particularly in the winter. This piece of suet is probably on its last legs but none the less its white, its fatty and it can be dispensed either in a metal basket type devise of this sort or it can also be put into a mesh bag similar to what I just described for the thistle seed, the niger thistle seed but the mesh is typically coarser if you’re going to dispense suet in that way. So these would be two different types of dispensing devises that would be appropriate for feeding birds. In the case of the suet, woodpeckers, nuthatches, Black-capped Chickadee are all bird species that like to feed on suet and have no problem holding onto the basket or mesh if that’s the way its dispersed and picking through and getting the suet that way.


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