Techniques for Selling your Barbie Doll Collection

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How to sell your Barbie collector dolls in this free toy collecting video.

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Video Transcript

Let's say you wanted to sell a Barbie's and you wanted to make room in your collection for some new Barbie's so you decide to sell them. The best way to sell Barbies is you can go to eBay and put them on for auction that's how I bought a lot of my Barbies. I personally don't sell my Barbie's right now I'm just collecting but when I retire I plan to sell them. So for instance one lady that I know in Minnesota she had over 150 Barbie dolls about she sold it for $150,000 nice retirement fund huh. So there's definitely ways that you can sell your Barbies one other thing is you can also sell them for instance, the one lady that I just bought them from so by word of mouth. People just knowing people who actually sell Barbie's you can also find these people at conventions, you can also find it online if you decide to Google something. Look online specifically at Barbie doll collectors and Barbie dolls that are on sale where you can actually buy Barbie dolls online. All those types of things you can also sell to different people who actually have stores fronts where they actually sell the Barbie dolls, and they are actually are in the business of buying and selling Barbies. So there is a lot of different ways that you can sell Barbie's so for instance, this Barbie right here I bought her like I said before. She's in that same series of the other one that I've shown you earlier this one is on location at South Beach, I bought her for like $10 at Mattel Outlet. I know right now that I can probably get 30 $35 for this doll because that's what normally it goes for. So if I decided to turn around and make a profit I could just stick it on Ebay I've done that before. I went to a store at Target one time for Christmas and I got all the holiday Barbie's on sale for $9 originally $45, 40 to $45 and in reality I ended up selling those Barbies for that price. So I actually made a profit I bought 3 400 bucks just really easily in one week so you can do that to if you still desire.


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