Shooting a Ball on the Rail in Pool

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Shooting a ball on the rail in pool is easy with these tips. Get expert advice on billiards tables and pool cues in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Billiards: Advanced Shots: Part 1
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Video Transcript

Next up we've got a shot that gives a lot of players fits. It's called the rail shot. It's one where we've got our object ball frozen to one of the side cushions here and we've got our cue ball at an angle such as this. Now, the objective of course, is to get that object ball to stay on the cushion until it gets down into that pocket. Well, that's a very difficult thing to do because most people are taught, in order to make this shot work, what they need to do is hit the cushion and the ball at exactly the same time, that will run it down the rail, put it in the pocket. That's easier said than done, because what happens, most times, is you'll hit the object ball just slightly before you hit the cushion which just drives it in the cushion makes a bank shot out of it, banks it away from the pocket. Or, you'll hit the cushion before you hit the ball and it will come off the cushion and do the same thing, it'll shift the contact point over to this way, drives it into the cushion, and again it's a bank shot. But we're going to show you a way to make that now and what we want to do is employ some English here. The English we want, whether it's to the left or to the right, is inside English. So, this time, we're cutting the ball to the left, so we want to use inside English. And, on our aiming line, we want to aim to where we hit the cushion just slightly before we hit the object ball. So, what we're intending to do here, is go in there with that left, or that inside English, kick off that cushion and hit the contact point that sends it directly towards the pocket. Makes the shot much easier. So, it should look something like this. Just like that.


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