Correct Form for Throwing Darts

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Learn the correct form for throwing darts in this free video on dart game strategies, tips and techniques.

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Video Transcript

Alright, I'm going to show you about technique and how to throw the dart, how to hold the dart. Because I'm righty, I want to show you certain things, I might turn this way even though the board is that way. Just so you can get a feel of what I'm doing. Basically, you always want to hold the dart at a level position, meaning it's parallel to the ground. How you actually hold the dart, some guys actually taught most guys in England I know from having friends from England, they hold it like a pencil. I technically like a feel of holding with three fingers. That's going to be up to you, how you like to hold it. But, on every throwing thing you never really want to hold the dart sideways. I don't think sideways is a good way to ever hold it. So, just avoid that. Or don't ever throw it like a baseball. You gently want to place the dart. You want to keep it, holding that grip, you want to bring it back to your ear in a level position, and you want to throw it in that level position. And keep your feet planted. And you definitely want to avoid lunging, and you definitely want to avoid that back foot from coming up. So, again, remember that it will come straight back to the ear, and you will release it by a leveling position at the board, so that you actually place the dart. You don't actually throw it, you place it.


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