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The angles on the pool table are a big part of billiards strategy. Get expert tips and advice on tables, cues, and balls in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Control the Cue Ball in Pool
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Video Transcript

In this next clip I'm going to show you just some different angles and the way the cue ball works on the table. Alright, now that you know how to use the cue ball, by hitting it forward and back, and left and right, just wanted to show you some different variations on how it might work on the table itself. If you hit into a rail, you just go straight. It will come straight back, and that's good to know believe it or not. Because look, if you hit it Left-hand English, left, remember going left of the spot, hit that same cue, it comes back left. And again, if you hit it right, it's going to hit right and come down right. Which could be all different areas where you need to know. Other things you might want to know, are hitting the rails and hitting English on the ball is, if you hit Left-hand English and you go into this rail, it will actually go around, because the ball is spinning left. Looks something like this. What. But again if you wanted it to just hit those two rails and come back, you would hit it Right-hand English. Watch what happens when you hit it Right-hand English. You see, the ball comes straight down and comes back this way. So, a few different things to realize when you, when your practicing your cue ball shots, and you want to learn the speed of the table, stay a few minutes on the table, and actually learn the cushions. Hit around different spots, different areas, and don't forget to use your diamonds. These are your markers here on the table, they will show you different areas. When you hit those marks, you'll see, every time you hit those marks, they will, the cue ball will always go in the same area. Those are different areas that you should learn and definitely learn the speed of your table. I hope this helped you and I hope you go out and play pool. It's a great game, I had many, many years of playing it, learned about everything from hustling to just having fun with my family. So, and out of the two, I say take your family and go have fun with them. Go play pool.


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