How to Chose a 1/10th Scale RC Car

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The 1/10 scale RC car is considered a more entry-level RC car; find out which scale is best for you in this free hobby video clip on remote control car racing.

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Video Transcript

Next we move on to tenth-scale. Tenth-scale is also a popular class. More entry level than the eight scales. Most of them that you are going to see are going to be similar to this one here. This is a tracks rustler, goes for about a hundred and seventy, hundred and eighty dollars. It's electric although they make them in nitro as well. This is, the nitro version, slightly more, about a hundred dollars. Tenth scale, they're one-tenth the size of a real car, more simple, easier to use, and you'll find more people will start with these because of the lower price range. This one is two wheel drive, single speed, doesn't have all of the features and capabilities of the other truck, but still a whole lot of fun. Right out of the box, drop a battery in this, charge it up, thirty-five miles an hour. And also a nice thing that makes these good for beginners is that it has a dual mode in it, where you can actually go into the electronic speed controller, very simply push a couple of buttons and it'll cut the speed in half. So if you have a little kid, someone small, six, eight, nine year-old, you don't want them going thirty-five mile an hour, you can slow them down to about ten or fifteen. Which is real handy, they learn how to drive it first, get used to the control, right, left, forward, reverse. Then you can speed it up after that. It also increases the battery life quite a bit.


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