English After Contact with the Object Ball

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English has an effect on the cue ball even after it touches the object ball. Get expert tips and advice on billiards tables and pool cues in this free video series.

Part of the Video Series: Billiards: Using English
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Video Transcript

OKay, in the last segment we learned that using English does not help us control the direction that a cue ball comes off of an object ball at an angle. This time we're going to set up the same shot, same way, and we're going to hit it with English as we did the last three times. And, we're going to hit it one time without any English. But, what we're looking for this time is, what angle does the cue ball come off of the cushion? And, I'm going to give you a little clue. This is where English is used. You use English to control the angles that a ball comes off of a cushion, not the angles that it comes off of another ball. So let's go back to this shot once again, hit it with no English, and we're going to hit it just like that, goes over to our spot and we see that it gives us an angle that comes off roughly the same as the angle that it went in. Now we're going to take this shot and we're going to use left hand English and it should come right over, pretty much to that same piece of chalk. But, watch what angle it comes off at this time. Comes off way over here. Now, we're going to use that same setup, going to use left hand English this time. I mean right hand English, I'm sorry. Now, came off straighter. So, here we had it come off this way with no English, this way with right hand English, and this way with left hand English. So, we're changing the angle that it comes off of a cushion and we're doing that for positioning purposes.


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