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Learn how to pick perfect backing for your frame in this free video series about the best kind of picture frames for various pictures and artwork.

Part of the Video Series: How to Choose the Right Picture Frame
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Video Transcript

Today I'm going to talk to you about cardboard and what cardboard can do for you. When you're framing a picture you always have to have the back of something for the back of it. Most people will use cardboard unless you specify otherwise. Most framers will use cardboard due to the fact they want to ruin your picture and they want you to come back later. I want you to have the knowledge to help yourself to make the right decision. If it's something you're going to have on your wall for 3 months and then toss it, cardboard it's not going to hurt it in that short period of time. But the longer you leave cardboard next to your picture, the more the cardboard is going to eat at your picture and eventually it's going to come out in front of your picture. Maybe you can think about going to grandma's house and seeing a picture that is hung on her wall for 50 years and it hasn't been taken care of properly. You see these little brown splotches kind of like the brown splotches we get on our skin as we get old. That is the acid coming out of this product into your picture and out of the front of your picture. At that point there is no salvaging of that picture except for the fact that you can clean it up and stop it from going forward. But you can't reverse the damage that was already done. So in my opinion, this is something that you would not use in 99% of your framing.


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