How to Pick the Size of Frames for Oriental Pictures

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Learn how to pick the correct size of a frame for Oriental pictures in this free video series about the best kind of picture frames for various pictures and artwork.

Part of the Video Series: How to Choose the Right Picture Frame
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Video Transcript

I have a color picture it's an oriental style picture whether you are doing black and white or color. It's really important to think about what you are putting around it, where it's going to hang, what's important to the picture to make it pop. There are things you can put down there that will just make the picture go away and there are things you can put around it that can make the picture just pop. We're going to experiment on what to do today. A chose a big black thick frame to give you a clue to as what not to do this, most oriental art has either a black or gold frame around it. They tend to lean in those two directions but you want to think about the ratio size verses your picture. As you can see this one is real deep and pretty big wide, I have a different one that is also pretty big it gives you some clues about what not to do. As I put that down on there the frame looks as big as the picture it's not going to give you a good look in the end. Cause of the fact that it over powers the picture. When you think about a little picture like this you probably want to think about something that mimics as well as it enhances as I put that one down on there it all became clear and it's quite nice to the eye. Or the big one that I had on there all you saw was the frame. You can try different patterns and sizes they tend to give you a little extra punch to your picture this one happens to bring out some dido's in your picture. This one has a shape that brings you down into the picture but it's all the sizes that are different and I chose them purposely to give you a clue about what you might want to pick verses the one you don't want to pick.


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