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Improv games such as the alliteration game are great for stretching your imagination and comedy skills. Here is a great game to play not only to practice your reaction skills but also to entertain audiences.

Part of the Video Series: Comedy Improv Games: Part 2
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Video Transcript

Hey guys. We're here today learning how to play some fun new improv warm-ups for your improv team, and then next warm-up that Dan B. and I are going to show you how to play is a warm-up called The Alliteration Game. Now, The Alliteration Game is a verbal and mental game as opposed to a lot of the physical warm-ups that you've been watching us do. Now if you've been following the series, you're going to see a game that's played very similarly called Barney. Now similar to Barney, The Alliteration Game is focused on stringing together a series of words that all alliterate, or that is, start with the same sound. To do this, you're going to have all your team members get into a giant circle and someone is going to start it off with a name, like "Lacey". And the next person is going to add another "L" word onto it, "Lacey likes". The next person is going to add another "L" word, until you get this gigantic sentence. Now each word doesn't necessarily have to follow in the line, you just have to add or insert a word somewhere in the sentence. So if someone says, "Lacey likes lollipops", the next person could add "luscious". "Lacey likes luscious lollipops". And that's fine, just as long as an alliterating word is added to the sentence. So Dan and I are just, since we're obviously not in a circle, it's just Dan and I, we're just going to go back and forth, and Dan's going to start us off with the name and we'll just see how far we can get. When someone is stumped, they're out of the game, they step out of the circle and the circle closes in. So Dan, you want to start us off? Richard. Richard really. Richard really reels. Richard really reels rad. Richard really reels rad rowboats. Richard really reels rad rowboats righteously. Richard really reels rad rowboats in Roarashirkenstire. It's an English town. Oh yeah, I've heard of it. Richard really rows, reels rowboats? I forgot the sentence. See? And he loses. And I'm out. Oh, I'm so ashamed. Richard really reels rad rowboats in Roarachester, right on. And Dan won, Dan won that game. And that's how you play The Alliteration Game.


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