How to Play Texas Hold 'Em

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Learn how to play different types of poker games, including Texas hold 'em, in this free video series that will teach you many of the popular styles of poker.

Part of the Video Series: Basic Rules for Poker Games
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Video Transcript

Let?s talk about one of the more popular games to play today, which is called Texas Holdem. In Texas Holdem each player receives two down cards. Also called the hole cards. And five cards are dealt to the board, called the community cards, which each player can use for their hand. Let?s see how this game is dealt out. The dealer deals two cards down to each player. The other players at the table do not see these cards. This is followed by the first betting round. In the betting round each player can make a decision whether to check, bet, raise, call or fold once the action gets to them. Once the first betting round is complete, the dealer then starts to deal the cards to the community cards. The dealer first deals one card, then deals three cards to the community. His first three cards are also known as the flop. Once the flop has been dealt out, the player to the left of the dealer who is still in the hand starts the action with either a check or a bet. Then the subsequent action follows around the table with each player making their decision. After that dealing round, the dealer burns another card. Then deals a fourth card to the board which is called the turn. The turn is followed by another betting round. After the turn has been dealt and the betting has been concluded, the dealer burns another card. And the fifth and final card is dealt to the board, called the river. This is followed by the last betting round. And each player using their two cards down and the five community cards to make their best five card hand.


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