How to Evolve a Pokemon in the Card Game

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Evolved pokemon gain new powers and usually have higher hit points. Learn about evolving pokemon and how to play the Pokemon TCG in this free video lesson.

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Video Transcript

Now that it's my second turn I can evolve my Pokemon. Now what does evolving mean? It means that your Pokemon's going to grow into something bigger and stronger. There are these cards, which are stage one Pokemon cards. I have myself a Wailord which I'm going to put on my Wailmer. In order to evolve your Pokemon all you need to do it set the card just on top. You can only evolve it once in your turn. For example I cannot turn my stage one Pokemon into a stage two Pokemon after I've already evolved it from a basic. All Pokemon's start as basic Pokemon. They then evolve into a stage one Pokemon and then a stage two Pokemon, sometimes even further, but it depends on the Pokemon. My Wailord can only evolve into a stage one Pokemon. I've put him down there. So now I use all of the powers that come with my Wailmer becoming a Wailord, but I lose the powers that Wailmer had before so you can't use the powers of the basic Pokemon after it's become a stage one Pokemon. You also keep all energies that previously had been put on your Pokemon. While basic Pokemon are very useful and sometimes can defeat bigger and better Pokemon, evolving is very important in the game. It gives you access to different powers; it also gives you more hit points so you Pokemon is going to last longer on the battle field and take more damage. If you're going to evolve your Pokemon you can only evolve one Pokemon per turn, but you can also evolve your bench Pokemon instead of the one that's out fighting right now. So again like we were putting energies on the bench Pokemon or to prepare it for battle you can also evolve that Pokemon to prepare it for battle later in the game.


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