Understand the Bids of Pinochle

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Many bids are in the 50 to 59 range in Pinochle. Learn how to determine whether you should bid and what the card value in your hands is in this free video series.

Part of the Video Series: How to Play Double Deck Pinochle
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Video Transcript

There are only and this is another thing that I'll show you the correlation between the bidding and the counting. There are only fifty counter cards, fifty cards in the deck that are, I'm sorry. Forty eight cards in the deck that earn you points during the play of the hand. They are aces, kings and tens. You get no points if you gather tricks that have queens and jacks in them. It doesn't matter, you don't get, take all the queens, you don't get anything. All the jacks you don't get anything. Aces, kings and tens are called counter cards. So, if there are only, and then you get two points for taking the last trick. There are twenty tricks in the hand, forty eight counter cards, two points for taking the last trick. Well, if you bid a hundred and there's only two tricks in the deck and your claiming twenty meld and you take fifty points. That's seventy points, you didn't make your bid. So, you have to have tremendous, tremendous meld to get to a hundred point bidding level or even into the high sixties and seventies. How do you do that? If it's only fifteen. Well, the way you do that is if you happen to have a double run in the trump suit, two aces, two kings, two queens, two jacks, two tens. You get one hundred fifty points in meld and a hundred and fifty points is going to be able to make almost anything if you just make your basic twenty meld requirement. Double aces, two aces of spades, two aces of diamonds, two aces of hearts, two aces of clubs. One hundred points. So, when you're getting into these higher levels, then you need to have tremendous strength in your hand. Otherwise, you're going to see a lot of bids. I would say at least half the bids are in the fifty to fifty nine range. You rarely, not rarely. You would frequently would see bids going above sixty and you rarely see bids going above a hundred. So, the key to the game of course is to understand that bidding count versus that meld count. Bid by ones, bid by fives, bid by tens. That's how the bidding is.


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