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Learn about the rules of pinochle, including penalties and faults, in this free video series that will have you playing pinochle like an expert in no time.

Part of the Video Series: How to Play Double Deck Pinochle
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Video Transcript

The rules of the game. Well, there are many rules of the game. There is a scoring rule that says that most of the standard games are five hundred points. Now, that five hundred points has nothing to do with the points in spades. Five hundred points, you earn points for your hand, you earn points for your bid. Now, before we go any further, if we take a deck of cards and we shuffle them, and this is a deck of eighty cards may I add, we're going to deal. Now these may not come out as a perfect shuffle, but we'll certainly do our best to. If we deal these one at a time, we'll be forever and three Sundays, trying to deal every hand out. So what they do at tournaments is, you're allowed to deal four or five at a time. It just speeds up the process. Unless, you're like me and you have a hard time counting four cards on a deal. But we need to look at illustrative hands because, without that we're not really going to understand the basics and principles of the game. We have five cards here but I'm not going to worry about that at the moment. Unless there's lift on one, but that's okay. When we open up our hand three, six, nine, twelve, thirteen, twenty-one. So we'll assume that there's an odd card here, which is fine. What we want to do is identify exactly what's going on here. So we want to take our hand, and we want to sort it according to the rank and order of the cards that we have, and you really have to do this for each suit. This is the way, this is all the spades that I have okay? You will not get anywhere in pinochle if you don't sort your hand properly. You've got twenty cards, so it would be an absolutely a very miserable time trying to track what you've got, and I prefer to alternate the suits because it just makes life easier. I don't need to spread this out too much but now we have a nine in here, that's why I overlooked that, you can do that in your own house. Okay, this is they way a sorted pinochle, SORTED, pinochle hand should look okay? This makes it easier for you to evaluate the hand okay? Now we're going to get into the melding table, and we're going to get into other aspects of the game, but before you start, before you evaluate your hand you absolutely have to sort the hand out by suit. If you look here we have what? A seven card spade suit and so forth so once you get that done you can then go to the next section of the lecture that has to do with the melding table. So this is our first step and sort the hand out and then we'll get into the bidding process.


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