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Learn how the different pinochle suits work in this free video series that will have you playing pinochle like an expert in no time.

Part of the Video Series: How to Play Double Deck Pinochle
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Video Transcript

In a pinochle hand. Four kings, four queens, four jacks, and four tens. Multiply that times four suits and that's a heck of a lot of aces and kings and yet there are pinochle players out there who can track these things effortlessly. Okay, absolutely without breathing hard. And there are some players who have a hard time to counting to twenty in a particular suit. So every suit in pinochle consists of twenty cards, and again four aces, four kings, and so on and so forth. So you have to keep that in mind. Now in pinochle as well there are no, no trump bids. A suit is declared every hand. Absolutely has to be declared. This is the ranking of the suits in pinochle. It's not an error and it's not a slight of hand here. That is the way the suit is ranked. The ace is the boss, then the ten, then the king, then the queen, then the jack. It has nothing to do with flushes or anything like that. Its ace, ten, king, queen, jack, okay. Now for our purposes of identifying the cards further, these three cards are called counters. We're going to get into that later. These are counters, these two cards are not. These are just cards in the suit but they are of value if this suit is declared as the trump suit. Now keep in mind that you have twenty cards of each suit, so if spades are named trump. It's very possible that somebody could have ten spades or twelve spades. I've seen a hand one time where somebody had fourteen trump. So you can see these gigantic hands, but again keep in mind, partners, eighty cards, twenty cards to each person. That's the basic structure of the game.


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