How to Trim a Wig


Learn how to trim a wig to personalize it to your style in this free hair replacement and style video.

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Video Transcript

On behalf of Expert Village here at Jean Paree, I'm Gloria VanWoerkom and I'm here helping Rebecca, choose a wig. I'm teaching her how to style and if she needs it trimmed, we're going to show her how to trim it. We do that here but we do have a lot of clients that trim themselves like to do. So I'm going to show you some important steps in trimming and cutting. If you need to thin the hair at all, we take the hair out pull it all the way out from the base, if you want to thin it, take some thinning shears, and put the thinning shears next to the scalp and cut, and that will give you that little bit thinner look without making stubbles all over there. So you just go through the whole area of the wig. Take it and cut it, pull it down. Go to the next step. Always take it right to the base. Very important. If you're going to trim a hair that, on any wig, make sure that you always leave just a little bit longer than you want. If you decide you want to cut it just an inch length then just a fraction of an inch longer. So that way you can go back and trim it off if you want. If you don't do that then you're going to take too much off and for some reason or another it just doesn't grow back. Although we'd like it to. So what you do with your bangs is you take a bang down, if you want to trim your bangs, pull it all the way down and hold it a little it longer than you want it and just go ahead and cut that off. Pull it back, look at it and then pull it down again. If you feel like you need to go through it and cut it a little bit more then do that as you're cutting. Do not cut too much too fast and if you're trimming anywhere along the head it's just like you are doing a regular haircut. Just trim it very slowly and just make sure that you never take off more than you want to. Always leave it just a little bit longer than you want. Normally I always cut with the thinning shears. Sometimes I'll even cut the length with the thinning shears. Depending on the style of the hair, if you're going to wear a blunt style like this you'll do the scissors. If you're going to do a curly one then use your thinning shears that works a lot better.


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