Shrink Wrapping Gift Baskets

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To make your gift basket more professional, learn how to shrink wrap your baskets in this free video.

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Video Transcript

We're at the final stages of our gift basket creating and this is the part that really makes them look like they're store bought and professional, and that's simply by putting our shrink wrap over them. When you buy shrink wrap, make sure you ask for it in the craft store, not top be confused with just cellophane because there is a difference. You could use cellophane and you could just tape it onto your basket but it wouldn't shrink tight the way this does. I've got a big roll of it and this particular roll here; it's on double so you don't need to cut as much as you'd think you would. It doesn't always come that way. So what you do is you cut the amount you think you're going to need. You want to have enough to go up and under the basket as well. I've actually got a little more than I need but that's okay. Basically what you do is you fit it first as if you were wrapping any other kind of present, put it together. And you will be using tape, just a little in various spots to hold it and give it some shape. This is where you would do well if you had a third hand. I'm just going to tape it along the back, just to hold it in a semi-tight spot, it will all shrink down but this kind of just gives it its base. You don't have to be fancy with it either. The more you put the hair dryer on it, the tighter it's going to get. Now comes the fun part. I think you just have to use it on low, see how it goes, and if you find that the low isn't tightening it up enough, you can always switch it to high. Let's try. See it shrink, tightening in? I would use the hot setting. There we go, you can see it tightening. And we've finished shrinking the shrink wrap with the hair dryer. It takes a bit to get hot but once you've got it all done, you see how it's all tight and it looks like it's store bought and we can put our bow on. Now doesn't that look like it's professionally done? And there you have gift baskets from beginning to end.


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