Folding a Long Sleeve T-shirt


Shake out your long sleeve T-shirt before you start to fold it. Get ready for the tight T fold. Learn how to fold a long sleeve T-shirt in this free clothing care video.

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Video Transcript

Alright, this is my long sleeve T with a little bit of lycra in it. Now you probably have a little boy, or a man that has a muscle shirt that's really tight. They might be made just like this. So you want to store it accordingly, nice and neat. So just start with a little bit of shake out. And we can't take folding shirts too seriously. But this is a fun one. Because you can get it nice and neat, shake it out, stretch it out. And then I'm going to make this the tight T fold. That means it's going to take up the least amount of space as any other shirts that you've seen me demonstrate today, because it's a wrinkle free material. So I can get it nice and small and still open it up later and it will be wrinkle free. See? Got a two for one special for you. So let's keep our sleeves nice and straight. Let's start on that side, pull it across to the center. And take the other sleeve, across to the center. And then you want to take the bottom, pull it up to the top. I'm not smoothing this shirt out as much because it's that nice wrinkle free material. So, we're going to bring the side back to the center. And this side to the center. Now some of you might stop here, but this is a tiny, tight fold. So, we're going to pull it one more time, over and that's it. You got it. It's done. That long sleeve T is now gone.


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