How to Fold a Hooded Jacket

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Learn the best way to fold a hooded jacket with these expert step-by-step instructions outlined in this free laundry video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm going to show you how to fold this garment it is a hood sweater shirty light sweat shirt material. First thing I would do is zip it so it is a little bit more manageable that way you have something that is closed so you can grab onto and create a edge. You spread it out and try to find the flat of everything where everything can make it flat. Including the hood which there is actually different ways to handle the actually hood itself. You can do just little things like just fold and twist or you can put it inside of itself, flat and then over which we are doing in this one. There in okay in this case I'm going fold it in towards itself which it is something that I typically do but just for this time I will. You fold it over so you have a flat edge here, you can take the sleeve and pull it down. I should say that you are taking the sleeve and pulling it outward away from the body, the top of the arm would be here this is where your garment top of the arm is and that might explain it a little better for people who might have missed something. I'm pushing the sleeve up near the cuff here. I'm doing the same thing with this side, I'm just trying to make a neat package and finding the seams and trying to make sure that they are straight. There this is where we had the arm before where I said I pulled it down over it self sort of. You are just trying to get things to be sort of flat because when you are finish you are going to put it away and you are trying not to get wrinkles. Trying to avoid wrinkles and on this particular garment what I'm going to do is I'm going to fold it away from itself here because that would put pressure on the front and keep it from wrinkling as badly as it has been in the inside where it would press on itself on the wrong places and then it would really then wrinkle. The hood is going to be just out the back or you could tuck it in, in your previous fold. This to me is the best way because a hood could be a little bit wrinkle and the wrinkle would come right out if you get a wrinkle from this. So there is your garment so in the next segment I would be folding a next piece of clothing.


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