How To Do A French Braid


Learn how to do a French braid from a ponytail with expert braiding tips in this free hair styling video clip.

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Video Transcript

The next thing that we’re going to do is a French braid. First you want to start by applying some hairspray. Apply a little bit just because her hair is so healthy and shiny and it’s fined textured so it tends to slip a little bit when you’re braiding the hair will come out on its own if you don’t start with some hairspray. Then I’m going to comb through it slightly and we’re going to take. I'm going to turn your head this way. We are going to take a section all the way from the tempo and back, you can start higher on the head like all the way here but I think it looks the nicest to start right back here in the crown. Especially for somebody who is not a child, kids you can start where ever you want. Grab into a section, pull it smooth and this section under here is escaping me so I’m going to pull that together and I have her hair tight here, does that feel tight? Okay I’m going to take three sections, again just like in the braid and I’m going to cross, we’re going to do a regular French braid, next we’re going to a Dutch braid which will be reversed but this way we’re going to do a French braid. Take the left section, cross it over the middle and then take the right section, cross it over the middle. Now the next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to gather hair on the left side, you’re going to take hair take another section from the left which you’ll see more clearly when we’re doing it on the right, grab it together with this section over here on the left and pull it tight all the while I’m keeping pressure with my thumb. Turn over now take another section you can do this with a comb if you feel more comfortable and do that, gather it with the right section, cross it over the middle and then just continue on, another section from the left. I’m take fairly wide sections because we don’t need the braid to be very tiny for her I think it looks prettier a little bit larger braid she has a lot of hair, cross it over the middle, another section from the right, cross it over the middle section and I’m going to pull through the hair here so that it doesn’t get snorrowed or tangled, section from the left. We’re almost finished we have one more section on each side, cross over the middle, the right, cross over the middle and on the left, cross over the middle, the right, cross over and continue to braid down with going left, over the middle, right over the middle and once you get fast you can just go for it and attaching a ponytail and that is the basic French braid.


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