How to Apply an Artificial Tip

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Learn how to apply an artificial tip on an acrylic nail in this free expert grooming video on nail grooming and beauty.

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Video Transcript

Hi, the next step we are going to be doing is the application of the artificial tip. Items that we are going to be needing, well most of you would have a real finger but I have a artificial finger today for demonstration only. We are going to need a file, I have a artificial tip, got resin, and I have my extender for my resin. Getting started, what you are going to do you are going to take your finger, my artificial finger and what you want to do anytime you are filing on the natural nail. The natural nail is your real nail you want to take the end of your file, you want to buff it really gently just go over top of that nail. You just want to ruff it up a little bit so that the resin would adhere to the nail when you apply the tip. If you can see that. Oaky, we roughed up the natural nail okay what we are going to do is I'm going to take the resin and apply the extender at the end, I'm going to take the tip and whenever you are holding the resin you want to make sure you hold it straight across and you can kind of see it go down inside. You just want to get a little dot, you see that little dot right there. You want to take that and apply it right inside of the wall of that tip and just kind of spread it around just like that. Okay and when you raise this up you want to make sure you squeeze that so you can get any air out of your resin cause if not it would explode and come back up. I'm going to take this and with a rocking motion you want to apply that tip directly onto the natural nail going to side to side just like that. You want to hold it for just for a few seconds to make sure that it adheres before you let go of it and that is the step to how to apply the artificial tip.


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