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Aveda Color has come a long way in treating gray hair. Color your hair like a professional and learn about the many Aveda products from our hair color expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

So what we have here Aveda color has come a long way with gray coverage. The way gray coverage used to work with Aveda is that you had pure tones that you mix with the natural shades. I'm not going to get too technical. Basically what you have is a pure tone which is NN which covers the gray. You have your YO which was covering it before. Aveda has really moved into gray coverage and is really taking that market over. It was a little bit of a challenge before. What is great about Aveda coverage versus let's say a consumer going to a store and buying a boxed color is you really get personalization. We can match identically your hair with the pure tones which is really great. Color wise it is healthier. It is 97% naturally dry so you are not having any kind of petro-chemicals in the hair color absorb into the scalp. Also if your gray changes because sometimes it changes with hormones, it can start like a gray, almost a slate gray and move into a white or yellow gray. With the Aveda pure tones, let's say if it moved into a yellow tone we could use a violet tone and make it more of a natural looking color. That's what is really great about the Aveda color versus a consumer color. If you think about it this way and you are going to get your teeth cleaned. You would go to a dentist to do that. It's the same way with gray coverage. If you are going to have it done, have it professionally done because it is the best way to go. Then we also have volume-wise, basically it gets into chemistry of what we mix with color. What the 20 volume does is it allows me to open the cuticle for the first 15 minutes to deposit the color and it allows the last 15 minutes for the lift process. It is a really great combination of color to use for consumer versus going to the store and getting it over the counter.


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