Tracing out a T-Shirt Pattern

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Trace around fabric to draw the perfect pattern; learn how to make a pattern from your favorite t-shirt in this free video on fashion design and sewing.

Part of the Video Series: Pattern Making From a Shirt
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Video Transcript

I'm gonna just throw something in here, my pencil was dull from making this line, and I don't think I started with a sharp pencil, so I'm gonna go head and sharpen the pencil, because this will lead to accuracy. The thicker the line, you'll start adding and then if you don't cut exactly on the line then you'll add like an eighth of an inch and then times four, that turns out to be a half inch, and then your pattern is completely bigger than what you thought, so it's a really good idea to have a really sharp tip of a pencil when you start this. And then I start at the bottom, and this line is not straight, you see that it kind of goes up, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to be going on this line, this straight line that I started with. There's marks on your clear ruler, that you get at a fabric store, and you want to put that mark on that center line, and then you just overcompensate or under compensate and make the bottom line straight, because you definitely want the bottom line to be straight. So of course you see there's a little bit of difference here, and a little bit of difference here, but the point is, is they meet in the middle, and this is a straight line at the bottom. And then, what you can do is just lightly trace around the side seem, and all the seams for that matter. You?re gonna do this to the front and then the back as well. So we're just, and you want to make this as accurate as possible, just write exact, what we're gonna do next is we're gonna fix it and make it accurate.


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