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How to create a sleek, modern hairstyle; get professional tips and advice on methods, techniques, and products for doing your own hairstyling in this free beauty video.

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Video Transcript

My name is Lauren, and on behalf of Expert Village I'm here to talk to you about styles on the go. Some women do not like the messy look and therefore they want something that's a little bit more conservative. Something that's a little bit more sleek modern. A good way to do that is to manipulate and use your products. If you get an oil based product, which you want to use a very little bit of an oil based product. Oil based products have silicone, tee tree oils, very heavy over laying oils in it that will actually keep your hair from frizzing and will give your hair that very sleek and modernized look. If you go through all of your hair, I suggest whenever you use an oil based product, use a very little bit at a time. You can always add more, and its always a lot harder to take out too much. You are going to use your brush, continually bring it down. Another thing that you can do which most people don't know, is that as you are brushing your hair, even after you blow dry it, is you can actually form hair and manipulate it to kind of do what you need it to do. Just by using a little bit of tension on your brush, and just by pulling a little bit as you go down. Your products is going to help you do that. If you are not achieving and you have a little bit of courser hair, and you are not achieving a very sleek and modernized look, I recommend that you use a flat iron. This is a smaller diameter flat iron. It's also a ceramic, so its better for your hair. The flat iron as you go up and down. Most people, they don't have to worry about frizz or your roots just kind of popping up , for the simple fact that your own sebaceous glands, you are going to take care of that. Your oils are automatically going to weigh down the hair shaft there. Just grab from your ends, pull down. Now if you notice, this section of hair that I'm taking. Since I am doing the ends I can take a little bit of this hot bigger section. But you do not want your section to go past the actual pleats that are going to be straitening it. And then you pull. If you are a little bit more in a rush. You can use a larger diameter. This you can grab larger sections. The larger diameter of the plates, the larger the sections that you can take, because now its going to be able to cover more hair. Its a little quicker, a little easier, and its going to help really flatten out those locks. And give you a very sleek and modern look. After you are done, simply go through with a brush. Smooth. And if you need to use a little bit of a spray, and that's it. That how you get it. Sleek and modern. Very flat, very soft, very strait.


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