Hair Highlights: Free Online Guide to Cutting, Coloring & Styling Hair

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Learn professional hair highlighting tips for highlighting your hair at home in this free online video guide to cutting & styling hair.

Part of the Video Series: How to Cut, Style and Color Hair
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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Juan Lino and you can visit me at my website at Feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have regarding any of the topics I discuss. Next topic of discussion is highlights. There are different things to take into consideration when deciding to get highlights. Have you used a box color on your hair and have you had your hair colored before or are we dealing with what we call virgin hair, that would be hair that has not been touched or colored by any chemicals that you would typically see in the salon. Once you have figured all those things out you also want to take into consideration what season is it. Would it be appropriate to have highlights in the fall that would be okay if that’s what you decide but you also want to make sure that you’re doing things that seem natural. The reason you would get highlights in the summer may be because the sun would naturally highlight your hair. Again, there’s not a wrong way to do hair and not a right way to do it. If you want to get highlights in the middle of December that is your decision but again think about what it is you’re doing. How highlights are done there are several different ways. One of the ways that they’re, that I use to do highlights is we use different types of chemicals or peroxides mixed with the bleach to strip or lift your natural hair color from the hair. Most of these products come in a ten volume developer, twenty volume developer, thirty volume developer, or a forty volume developer. To kind of give you a run down on how these work, a ten volume developer will lift one level of color, a twenty volume would lift two levels of color, three volumes would lift three levels of color and four volume will lift four levels of color. Now that’s how they typically work some hair will lift more or less depending on the chemicals that are already on the hair or if it’s virgin hair. But that’s kind of the general idea of how these developers work once they’re mixed with a solution like the bleach that is a chemical that lifts or pulls your natural hair color out. I’m mixing these chemicals together and then placing them on the hair in whatever pattern to create highlights throughout the head of hair. That’s the idea that you’re dealing with if you’re dealing with highlights. If your hair comes out too brassy or if you needed that extra level of lift an additional product that most people use to correct the color are tones which then would be applied to the brassy hair to tone out some of that gold color to create a more solid white color that might be more appropriate for your skin tone. If you have any questions concerning your hair always speak to your hairstylists or feel free to contact me as well.


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