Hair Cut Types: Free Online Guide to Cutting, Coloring & Styling Hair

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Learn which of the different haircut types is right for you in this free online video guide to cutting & styling hair.

Part of the Video Series: How to Cut, Style and Color Hair
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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Juan Lino and you can visit me at my website at Feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have regarding any of the topics I discuss. Our next topic is haircuts. To put it quite simply there are four types of hair cuts out there. And then, of course, everything else is a combination of the four, or the two or the one or someone just being completely creative which is great. But the four basic hair cuts is the zero degree, or the blunt hair cut. Basically, you have to think about, as a hairstylist, about the head and about how the hair once you cut it will lay down on the head or lay down on the hair. Keeping it kind of simple, zero degree, again is a blunt hair cut; you’re cutting it at a zero degree from the head so that would be a blunt cut. So that would be just a long hair style cut zero degree and that would be a blunt or zero degree haircut. The next haircut that you would have would be a ninety degree haircut. This hair cut of course as you might be able to tell would be taking the hair and pulling it ninety degrees from the hair and making it uniform all the way around. That would be kind of generally a men’s type of hair cut. Or you could take a longer hair style and cut it ninety degrees from the head. The third type of hairstyle is a forty-five degree haircut which is a graduated hair cut or what we’d like to think of as a bob. Basically you can take the hair forty – five degrees from the head and cut it and then as it lays down it will just kind of stack itself. The thing you have to consider when cutting forty-five degree hair cuts, you could have a high elevation forty-five degree where the staff will have it higher, and fall down to a lower blunt cut. Or you could take it at a low elevation where the stack will be lower. A fourth type of hair cut would be a one eighty which is very popular right now in different styles. But a one eighty is taking the hair a hundred and eighty degrees from the head, taking it straight up and cutting it and dropping it and what that does is create layers. There are different ways of course to prepare all of these haircuts, and different ways to manage, pulling it away the head and creating the full haircut. But those are four haircuts to show you how the haircutting works and if you have any questions feel free to let me know or contact your stylist.


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