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Learn fashion tips and advice on how to create a professional wardrobe for women, including business style suits and the fit of pants in these free how to videos.

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Hi my name is Jamie Yasko-Mangum and with Successful Style and Image today on Expert Village we are going to talk about the proper fit of a suit pant. Again I would like to tell you that a suit pant suit pant are the two pair that are bought together of the same material. So how do you know if your pants fit? There are a lot of sure fire ways to know if your pants fit. First of all make sure the waist line fits. A lot of pants sit at the classic waist. The classic waist is right at your belly button. They can sit at the natural waist. The natural waist is slightly below the belly button but classic waist sitting right at the mid part of your back or a lot of pants can be slightly below the waist. Now I want to point out something when I say slightly below the waist that does not mean hip huggers. That means slightly below the waist. That means right below the belly button. That is perfect fine to wear in a professional atmosphere. So make sure your waist band fits. If you know your waist band doesn't fit it would start crinkling. Your waist band what is does it would start crinkling up here make it a line. You don't want that to happen. You don't want the zipper and you want to be able to zip up the zipper so they lapel of the zipper comes over the zipper. You want to make sure that you can button it and that it is not pulling. It is not pulling apart. Like that. You don't want to see when you are buttoning it. It should crest the button. So it look and it lays very nice on the stride area of your bottom half. If you have pockets on your pants you do not want the pockets to separate. You don't want them to separate. What you want them to do is stay close and nicely drape on your leg area. The next thing next thing you don't want it to be tight right here in the stride area. You don't want that. You don't want it to big that you can grab a lot of material and you don't want it to tight. When you are looking for pants you want pant that are semi fit. That means that there not huge in the leg. Huge bunches of material and in the back there is not a big material back here also. You do not want that. You want there are a lot of different kinds of suit pants that you can get that are with a suit. You can get wide leg, you can get a narrow leg, you can get a fitted leg, a semi fitted leg, know what is best for your body type when you are buying the suit with suit. You want to make sure if the hem line you want the hem line with your shoe to be one quarter to one half above the floor. That is proper. You may get hem lines that are straight leg suit pant or you may get them that have a cuff to them. But you also want int the back area you don't want to much material in the dairy air. So remember that also. That is a proper cut of a suit pant. Thank you!


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