Everyday Care for a Cowboy Hat

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Keep you cowboy hat clean and new with these everyday care tips; hear how to choose and take care of your cowboy hat in this free video on casual and dress cowboy hats.

Part of the Video Series: Picking & Taking Care of Cowboy Hats
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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Dustin here on behalf of Expert Village, I'm at Callister's. And today let me show you just some basic everyday care tips for your hat. No. 1, when your hat is not on your head, that's the place for, when it's not on your head and you settle down, do not ever sit it down brimless. The reason why, you'll notice there's a huge gap in between. Some would want like that, but it will ruin your hat. It will ruin the felt and the shape of it. You won't keep it as nice. So what you wanna do is you always wanna sit it crown down. It's not gonna ruin your crown. You always wanna sit it crown down. Make sure you not leave it on your car when it gets wet. Do not ever put it next to a heat source. Let it drying naturally. Otherwise, it will shrink or become misshapen. When you go traveling, some I'd recommend for you, a must if you own a felt hat, straw hat, whatever. This is called a hat case. It comes in different price and color. This one here happens to be about $26 and really great for travel or in storing hat in your closet. Now when you have hats, keep in mind you should have a winter hat, a summer hat, a work hat and dress hats, preferably one light and one dark. So keep in mind that's probably about as many hats as you gonna want unless you get like me when you get into the range of 40, 44 hats. It's a bit much. But this is just some basic everyday care tips.


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