Waterproofing Cowboy Boots

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How to effectively waterproof your cowboy boots; get expert tips and advice on cowboy boot styles and maintenance in this free fashion video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dustin here on behalf of Expert Village. Here at AA Callister and today I'm going to show you how to waterproof your boots. Now one thing that I love to use on my boots is this here, bees wax waterproof. And that's bees wax with tree oil. It's made by Skidmoor's, really great product. Now a little tip for you: it becomes solid like this and it's a little hard to work with so what I like to use, I like to stick it in the microwave for probably about 3 or 4 seconds and it gets it nice and soft but I don't have a microwave right now so what we'll do is we'll see if we can get some off here. And it comes off, it's rather, rather hard much like really cold butter as you'll see. And once we polish it, we've cleaned it, we've conditioned this boot, what we want to do is we want to protect it from the elements. So what we'll do is this here only goes on your seams, it doesn't really go too well on the whole leather here. So, it's a little messy again, if you want to put that in there, the best we can. Now another little hint, a little tip that I do on my boots, my leather soles - this isn't leather this is a rubber sole - but my leather boots, is I like to take a little bit and I like to rub it into the actual sole, and then take a rag and then kind of move it across until it gets a nice smooth finish. Now be careful because you don't want to slip and fall, but it will keep the water from getting in there - into your soles - and ruining them. So we'll just take it along the seams here, that's going to touch water. We want to let that sit for just a little bit and then we wipe off the excess. Make sure it's nice and even, if not you're going to have weird little chunks of stuff everywhere. Now once we do that, it's all nice and waterproof so none of the water gets down here in the seals and then gets inside your boot and rots. Another just one quick little step we have is guardmore, which a water and stain repellent. And what we do is just a nice, even coat. And I'll just ensure that it keeps nice. And that's how you water and weatherproof your boots.


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