Montessori Movable Alphabet Activity


The movable alphabet is a Montessori activity that teaches children how to sound words and spell. Learn how to present the movable alphabet to kids in this free educational video about language Montessori methods.

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Video Transcript

This is called the movable alphabet. We always begin with the words in the at family. Start saying a, t, at. Then we talk about the words that form with at. B- a- t, bat. Let's try another one. C-a-t, cat. Let's try s-a-t, sat. This helps the children to learn how each sound forms the word. It also shows them how they can use the movable alphabet by using certain letters in the same position and changing them out. F-a-t, fat. And often the will actually try other letters at random. Let's try, m-a-t, mat. Does that make a word? Yes. How about d-a-t, dat. Does that form a word? No. So, that is how you teach a lesson on the movable alphabet. Make sure you show the children exactly where to put the letters back.


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