Teaching Kids Double & Triple Consonant Blends

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Expert teacher shows how to teach double and triple consonant blend words like: bland, sting and strand when home schooling kids in this free education video.

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Video Transcript

After your child has been mastering blends for a while, maybe a couple weeks, maybe a little more, whatever you think and you've made them some nice books and worksheets using blends and end blends, two in the beginning, two in the end, we're going to start having double blends and triple blends. Now double blends are when you have a blend in the beginning and the end. Two consonants, two consonants and just one vowel in the middle. So an example and we'll make a separate page for them. An example would be bland, sting, fling, plend, notice I threw in there, what is that? A nonsense word, it's not a real word but it will help them practice the phonics and the sounding out skills and it's good and if they sound it out correctly and don't try to guess that it's a real word, then you know that they're really isolating those skills. Spend, and you can come up with as many more as you can think of and triple blends. Now don't jump right to triple blends, master double blends for a few days or weeks, whatever you think until you think they're ready and they're just tired of blends. Triple blends are three in the beginning, str, spl, skl, spr, and have them just say those and try not to put the vowel on the end like I did, and then you can start strap, sounding those out, splat, strip, sklot, notice that's a nonsense word, you don't have to circle it, I just did for fun, and sprung. Now look at this, I have three in the beginning, two on the end. That's five letters that make up a blend. You can start adding more and more at this point because your child will be very good at it. Strand is another one and keep going like that, as many as you can think of.


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