Phone Etiquette: Pitch, Tone & Inflection

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Use pitch, tone, and inflection on the telephone like you do in person. Express yourself through pitch, tone, and inflection with tips from a communications specialist in this free phone etiquette video.

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Video Transcript

Okay, the next two tips that I want to talk about are actually going to be dealing with your voice. And the first set of things that I want to talk about are pitch, tone and inflection. And what I'm talking about, what is it that you're doing with your voice to create the content of the conversation? Now, remember, I can't get any clues from your face, or your body. In real life, our pitch goes up and in real life, our pitch goes down, depending on the emotional content of what it is that we're talking about. So use pitch, vary your pitch in your conversations. The next thing I want to talk about is tone. Your tone of voice. Are you expressing a harsh tone? Do you mean to be expressing a harsh tone? I can't read anything into your face, so I don't know if you're mad, so if you say, I need you here at five. With a tone like that, I'm going to think I'm in trouble. But I really might not be in trouble, it just might be the tone you're using. So be very aware of your tone of voice. And the last thing is inflection. What is it that you want to stress in your conversation? There's lots of different words that can be stressed in a sentence, so what's the most important part? I think we need to have a meeting. I think we need to have a meeting. So choose different words to put stresses on, to give inflection, and that helps me to understand your overall meaning.


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