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Video Transcript

I am Jim Koch and today we are talking about gaining access to your home and more importantly the types of locks that you may find on your home. There are many different types of locks. Almost every house you will find a door knob. Door knob is good and it has a lock in it and it will have typically this style of latch. The drawback to this type of latch is if there is enough gap in your door and the door's frame is not built properly, this can just be pushed in which makes it pretty easy to gain access to your house. Almost every house will have a deadbolt and the reason they will have a deadbolt and a knob is because the deadbolt has a solid bolt in it . It doesn't just push in and there isn't a good way to grab hold of it and push it in. So that tends to make your house a little more secure. If you have the doorknob and the deadbolt because then it means they have got two things to get through to get into your house. Then we get into your typical padlock. Typical padlocks are a little tougher to pick, they are a little more secure. Their only drawback is a good pair of bolt cutters could go through these in a matter of seconds. Then you got your commercial what is considered a mortal cylinder. You will see these mostly on you local grocery store, just about any commercial aluminum frame door, you will see these types of locks. These locks pick just as good as these locks. The only difference is these are designed to be re-keyed a little easier. The other thing I wanted to talk about is the quality of locks. Wen you go to your hardware store you will see a very big price range, ranging from anywhere from about $6 to $8.00 for a typical door knob to literally well over a $100 for that similar door knob. Unless you step up to a high security door knob like a Medico where it just an absolutely unpickable stainless steel type knob, there is not a lot of difference in the quality. They've got a little nicer finish on the higher end locks, the finish tends to wear a little more but as far as security, there really is not much difference.


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